Asthma : symptoms, causes, and treatment

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Good morning everyone as you know winter is arriving and this season is also called as a healthy season but in some people who have ASTHMA winter will increase their problem from a cough to breathing problem so in this blog we will discuss asthma and their causes, symptoms treatment and prevention.

In India, the asthmatic patient is increasing in number by the report of government. The sale of anti-asthmatic medicine is gone up by 43% over the past few years.

Thirteen of the most world’s 20 most polluted cities are in India as per the data of world health organization. In the air of Delhi, Patna, Gwalior, and Raipur have the highest amount of tiny suspended particle that penetrates deep into the airways of lungs to causes asthma, bronchiectasis heart disease stroke etc.

On the basis of number, about 15 to 20 million people have asthma in India. So this is a brief report on asthma in India now on next heading we will discuss the whole scenario of asthma.


Definition: - Asthma is an inflammatory condition of the airway of lungs and because of inflammation its make difficult in breathing.

In asthma, inside wall of the airways in lungs can become inflamed and swollen. If there is infection present than membrane in airway lining secret excess mucus so narrowing of airways and mucus secretion can make difficult in breathing cough and wheeze.
Asthma is an incurable disease but we can control it by finding causes and trigger of asthma.   

Causes: -

We cannot say sure about any single cause of asthma but there is a group of factor affecting to lungs and causes asthma to the patient.

  1. Genetics: - if parents have asthma than there is a chance of asthma to their children is high.
  2. Allergens: -frequently contact with the allergen.
  3. Viral infection: - History of viral infection in childhood can lead to asthma in an adolescent.


There is a certain condition that may trigger asthma and they are as follow
  1. Illness: -Flu and pneumonia can trigger asthma
  2. Emotion: -Too much of laughing, shouting, and crying may trigger an attack of asthma
  3. Weather: -In very high humidity and or low temperature
  4. Exercise: -Increase movement may trigger asthma
  5. Allergens: -Dust mites, pollen, animal tendon, fumes, strong odor, smoke etc. can triggers asthma.


Symptoms of asthma may be varying according to cause and triggers of asthma, some common symptoms are as follow.
  • Coughing: -Usually at night or during exercise and laughing.
  • Wheezing: -Whistling sound may hear during breathing
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Tightness in the chest
  • Fatigue


Treatment of asthma can be dividing into the three categories.
Treatment can be chosen according to the causes and triggers of asthma.

For the asthmatic patient is difficult to breathe so breathing exercise can help to get more air in and out for lung and on a regular basis it can help in increasing lung capacity and relief in the future asthmatic attack.

1ST Aid treatment can be used in or during the asthmatic attack for quick relief and it helps you to breathe with ease.
  1. Inhalers and nebulizer use with medicine for quick relief
  2. Bronchodilators which relieve spasm in the lung due to an inflammatory condition of airways.
  3. Anti-inflammatories for treatment of inflamed airways.


For long-term asthma control, we can take medicine on daily to prevent asthmatic symptoms.
This is a very large topic to discuss so we will cover this topic in the separate blog.


There are some home remedies which may use during the attack of asthma and can make ease of breath, some home remedies are as follow.
  • Coffee: -Coffee act similar as theophylline, so coffee open airways that’s why its use for the asthmatic patient for ease of breathing.
  • Mustard oil: -Can apply directly to the skin and give massage over the chest to open airways.
  • Essential oils: -Inhaling some essential can ease in breathing  

There is some many more information on asthma but I cover only some point for easy to understand. India is second on rank for the asthmatic patient after China. So this is all about brief knowledge of asthma in India and asthma cause sing symptoms and treatment.

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