What Should I Eat in Diabetes?

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Good morning friends in the last blog we discuss diabetes in all aspects its causes, types, symptoms, and treatment and diabetes is a non-treatable disease so controlling blood sugar level and prevention of further complication due to high blood sugar level. In diabetes diet and exercise is a very important factor in controlling blood sugar level so, in this blog, we discuss what should you eat in diabetes?

There are lots of fruits, foods, and spices are available and have a lot of health benefits. In today’s blog, we discuss 10 foods that you don’t miss if you have diabetes. We often take some food on regular basis but we don’t know about that foods nutritious value, so in this blog here is present what should you eat in diabetes?



Extra virgin olive oil is very useful for lowering blood glucose level and also good for heart health.

There is many more fats are available but only olive oil fats are good for reducing heart disease.

olive oil also contains an antioxidant called as polyphenol, which helps in reducing inflammation and protect the cell lining of blood vessels. This antioxidant also decreases the blood sugar level.


Yogurt is a very good dairy product and has many more health benefits as we already discussed in the previous blog check out this health benefits of yogurt 

Yogurt contains probiotic which help in controlling blood sugar level and reduces the heart risk 

yogurt also have protein which helps in weight loss


We all consume nuts on every day but should you know about health benefits of all the nuts, nuts are delicious but also has wonderful nutritious value. 

When we consume nuts every day that help in regulate blood sugar level and also reduce inflammation

There is some research is conducted on 30 diabetic people in there diet we add 30gm of walnut for the year and they get benefits of weight loss, improvement in body consumption and marked decrease in glucose level in blood.


Turmeric is widely used for its health benefits and one type of spices. 

Turmeric contains curcumin which helps in reducing inflammation and lowering blood sugar level curcumin also reduce heart disease risk.

turmeric can be consumed with black paper for better absorption so we can take maximum health benefits of turmeric.


Chia seed is well known for weight management or weight loss but chia seed also has benefits of diabetes because chia seed contains high fiber.

The fiber in chia seed help in lowering blood sugar level by decrease peristalsis movement 
for better absorption.

The fiber of chia seed also help in the management of weight loss because of that fiber can reduce the feeling of hunger. 

Chia seed also decreases the inflammation and blood pressure.


There are lots of nutritious fruits are available but strawberries are one of the most nutritious fruits.

The red color of strawberries is due to high antioxidant in it. this antioxidant knows as anthocyanin.

Anthocyanin has health benefits of reducing blood sugar level and reduce heart disease risk 


Eggs have wonderful health benefits because of eggs are high in protein level that keeps you full.

Eggs health benefits are improved insulin sensitivity, decrease inflammation and reduce bad LDL level in the blood.

If diabetics person consume 2 eggs daily as high protein diet has marked an improvement in cholesterol and blood sugar level.

Eggs are also the best source of antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin which protects eyes from diseases.


Cinnamon is also used for its health benefits and we also use as spices in our foods. Cinnamon has also reached in antioxidants.

Antioxidants of cinnamon help in lowering blood sugar level and improve insulin sensitivity.

Cinnamon also reduce cholesterol and triglyceride level.

Most important fact is that do not take cinnamon is high dose because that affect our health system.


Green leafy vegetables as you know are highly nutritious and also low in calories.

Green leafy vegetables are a good source of several vitamin and minerals.

Green leafy vegetables also contain antioxidant lutein and zeaxanthin which protect the eye from muscular degeneration and cataract this both are the complications of diabetes.


Fish are the healthiest as well as nutritious food on earth.

Fatty fish are a good source of omega 3 fatty acid, DHA, EPA  Which has major health benefits. 

DHA and EPA protect blood vessels and reduce inflammation.

There are lots of studies are shown that fatty fish lower the risk of heart failure.

Fish is also a great source of protein which helps to improve your metabolism.

So this is all about what sould you eat when you have diabetes? there are also lots of foods are missed for its health benefits but we cover it in our future blogs.


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